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New England Civil Rights Training & Mediation 

provides education, training, consulting & mediation services in the following areas:

Labor & Employment Law
Sexual Harassment
Labor/Management Disputes
Union Grievances
Wrongful Discharge
Severance Packages
Employment Policies & Practices 

Civil Rights & Personal Injury
Constitutional Law
Police Civil Liability
Higher Education Law
Premises Liability
Professional Negligence
Bodily Injury Claims 

Property Rights
Zoning & Land use
Easements & Boundaries
Eminent Domain
Construction Contracts 


Dispute resolution services provided by New England Civil Rights is a speedy, cost effective, convenient and confidential alternative to expensive and time-consuming litigation.  Our services are especially helpful in educating parties as to liability and damages, a realistic appraisal of their cases, and in bringing finality to cases where negotiations have reached an impasse. Alternative dispute resolution reduces the uncertainty of emotional distress awards, punitive damage awards, and awards of attorney’s fees and litigation costs. 

New England Civil Rights conducts training seminars and provides consulting services to businesses, corporations, school districts, educational institutions, municipalities, human resource managers, police departments, non-profit organizations, community organizations and professional associations.

Joan A. Antonino, Executive Director
 New England Civil Rights Training & Mediation
P.O. Box 3333
Amherst, MA 01004

Telephone: (413) 374-0005

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