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Property Rights Law

Representation and counseling includes:

  • Property Disputes
  • Property Damage
  • Environmental Contamination & Pollution
  • Property Development
  • Zoning & Land Use
  • Assistance with building permit applications and site plan reviews
  • Special Permits & Variances
  • Representation at Zoning Board, Planning Board, and Conservation Committee hearings and meetings
  • Appeals of adverse Zoning & Land Use decisions
  • Negotiations of Contractor and Architect Contracts
  • Monitoring the construction process, inspections, lien waivers, documentation of change orders and pay orders
  • Construction Disputes
  • Enforcement of rights in construction litigation and arbitration proceedings
Attorney Charles J. DiMare’s extensive experience as a member and chairperson of a town’s zoning board provides valuable insight into the legal and political considerations that impact zoning and land use decisions.  

Examples of cases the firm has handled include: 

Construction Contract
The firm sued a building contractor hired to install vinyl siding on a residential home. After the contractor removed the old siding, workers left the job site for several days. During that interim period, it rained and insulation became wet. As a result, the interior walls became contaminated with mold, causing the homeowner to suffer respiratory ailments. The case settled just before trial for $255,000.00. 

Environmental Contamination
The firm represented a landowner whose property was contaminated by a nearby gasoline station when underground storage tanks leaked. The case resulted in full remediation of the property and an award of compensatory damages at trial. 

Environmental Contamination
The firm represented property owners whose house was contaminated by the overflow of sewerage from municipal sewerage pipes. The case resulted in a full remediation of the property and the payment of additional damages. 

Zoning & Land Use
The firm successfully represented a landowner in a M.G.L. Chapter 40A appeal of a zoning board’s decision concerning the operation of a seasonal business from residential property. Land Court, Case No. 284597, Nov. 7, 2003, Lawyers Weekly No. 14-090-03.

Zoning & Land Use
The firm successfully represented a landowner in a land use & zoning case involving the erection and maintenance of a teepee on residential property. 

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